Man jewelry- for the rocker in you!

Amy man jewelry 1Here’s one of my latest creations perfect for the cowboy rocker in you! (Or cowgirl, for that matter!)  Rob Wey, the owner of Smack Clothing in Nashville, commissioned me to make 3 “heavy, long, and chunky” guy necklaces for his country/rock band clientele.  With a combo of Willie Nelson and Mick Jagger in mind,(kind of a scary thought, actually) I started to brainstorm! Walking around the farm, I found some pieces of old screen buried in the mud around the old farmhouse.  That led to the layered look for my hand-forged copper leaf pendant.  What’s a rockstar without a little leather?  So, I wove some black strips partially through the chain and completed the look with an aged feather charm.  Many thanks to my muses-Willie and Mick!

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Welcome to Snow Creek Farm

Handforged copper bracelet on a straw bale

Snow Creek Farm is a real 67-acre farm just north of Columbia, Tennessee.  It’s not far from the little town of Santa Fe.

I  live at Snow Creek Farm with my husband, Randy, a metal sculptor, and my son, Wesley.  Together, we raise horses, goats, cattle, and chickens, and grow a garden in the summertime. On most mornings, you’ll find me in my studio next to the corral and barn. It’s here that I  put my interior design background to work making handcrafted jewelry from copper and leather.

copper-leaf-earrings-blog1My copper pieces — earrings, necklaces, and bracelets — are hand-hammered on a tiny anvil, then fired in the workshop forge, giving them a patina that only improves with time.  Each piece is unique because each is handmade.

I love the simple life…working hard…and making things pleasing to the eye.  I like to think my jewelry reflects not only good design but also the spirit of  Snow Creek Farm…its rolling hills…sunflowers dancing in the wind around the vegetable garden… chickens stopping by for a look through the studio door…Lucy, our aging chocolate lab, snoozing near my feet…and the gurgle of Snow Creek meandering gently through the bottomland.  Take a look and see if you don’t agree.


Copper bracelets on the tractor hood